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Marc Talon InvestmentsTM is your Financial Executive Representative managing funds by a comprehensive assessment and consequent specifically driven investment for a higher return. My mission with my corporation is to secure the highest Return On Investment by a unique system implementing a thorough control of the development, production and ultimately sales processing of selected and approved media and films; this done by applying my best practices to obtain the short and longer-term goal as planned for the specific project. (Inspired by our knowledge about CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration)
This is also an outstanding opportunity for small investors min: $5,000 since we manage cumulative investments, with fixed return.
Start to open a free account with no obligations, and learn to earn.

We aim results min. 20% (fixed) in 8 months average (P&A option), reaching 100% average a year, or exceeding it, toward plans for aiming 300%, 1000% of ROI. A promotion for new investors is active: funds for developments are earning a capital gain of 1% a month, fixed, for 1 year term (renewable).

Best Performance

I take care of funds to manage them for a 300%-600%-1000% of ROI in 4 years, 100% for the first year, immediate recoup, re-investing available, exits would be set

In person Advisors

I intervene face-to-face, build our relationship with clients, and online 24/hr is available for updates. Counting on trustworthiness, reliability, accountability


I send info reports by the scheduled system to let the client know how the funds are working out, we want the client feels confident with me for the mutual success

Security & Privacy

Everything is kept secure and private, each client is kept in a one to one trustworthy relationship, everything is legally binding and secured, besides to be high controlled




Fully managed Film Production and Distribution.


Min ROI 1st year


Min ROI 3rdyear


to ROI in 4 years



The function of Marc Talon InvestmentsTM is to be sure that the funds follow the strategies applied in order to secure the expected ROI, implementing our high-performance model. Marc Talon InvestmentsTM manages them in person, directly for the total interest of the clients, (there is a fee of 3% on the ROI obtained every 6 months). The implementation of the funds must follow specific mechanisms for film Development-Production-Marketing-Distribution which are generated by 1GJV Media (1gjvmedia.com), which is entirely controlled by Marco Taloni, who is your financial representative as your arm, as your safe. Marc Talon InvestmentsTM administers funds with the only scope to deliver the final result. 1GJV Media entirely controls the Development-Production-Marketing-Distribution, fully supervised, and to be sure that brainstorming with the entire team groups involved in the film project realization would be conducted in line with the operational mechanisms to implement for the aimed final goal. (1GJV Media is a brand of: First Globalized Joint Ventures Inc. of Canada)

Marco Taloni


Parita Suwanmanee

Assistant Administration

Edoardo Taloni

Shinkai team Post-production Digital CGI

Kanjana Chimpalee


Actual Products

Films projects at present on development which are available: investing options to be part of it that you re to select are EQUITY, HEDGE, DEBTS, PARTNERSHIP (for the specific project(s)), and having (on request)the name on the screen credit as "executive producer." Marc Talon InvestmentsTM acts as your direct representative for managing the investment in the chosen film product(s), available EXIT schedule, and a 100% R.O.I. min. a year is aimed at all options. Any option between EQUITY, HEDGE, DEVELOPEMENT, PARTNERSHIP (for the specif project(s)) might bring other Returns On Investment depending on the terms chosen for that option. Again, the EXIT option is contemplated for all types of investing opportunities. Available there is the possibility to enter in a preference of repeating investment, only by the R.O.I. accumulated in the first investment. The investor can collect her/his R.O.I. and re-invest the initial capital or the total amount. Each access to projects is subject to budget and available spots. (Min. investing amount has to be USD 50,000). It's possible to participate in multiple projects considering multiple investments (differentiate it).

Contact directly Marco Taloni mtaloni@1gjv.net. Or Tel: +1 416-619-0641


These film products, among others, might be available for investing. To access detailed information on these film projects, including pitch decks-trailers-info.bible, you can sign up for an account with Marc Talon Investments free and with no obligation and access other critical information to learn the film-media investing process.


Investing options and steps in order to become an investor - GENERAL INVESTING PROCESS

Equity, represents the amount of money that would be returned to investor including the Return On Investment gained through the film distribution. 60%-100%-300%-1000% Return On Investment 1 year to 4 years. Equity funds approved for the slot (min. USD 25,000) must be approved. Once approved a 5% of deposit must be made available and it will be part of the total fund invested, in the meantime all necessary documents and forms will be submitted, and we will provide them once the investor has been approved. The investors will be on direct contact with the representative of the client, Mr. Marco Taloni or an assigned agent, and any inquire, up dates, or other questions shall be submitted to investor's representative. OPEN AN ACCOUNT FOR FREE WITH $0

  • Approval
  • Signing Documents and providing 5% deposit deducted from your account
  • Whole invested funds shall be deposited when the Film Product gets Green Light, it means ready to go in Pre-Production and going through all the processes of Production, Post-Production, Promo, Sales and Distribution
  • Recoup it will be provided with the first R.O.I. when is available, averegely, after 1 year.
  • Recoup and R.O.I. or either one of those funds can be reinvested immediately through another project ongoing to be sure to don't wait for a spot available in the project ongoing development, it depends by the investor's choice in agreement
  • Exit shall be decided in agreement, when the chosen conditions will be present, but non less than 1 year.

A Hedge investing it's relatively secured, since funds will be issued only when the operation will be physically executed, and the typical return is expected within 8 months. Why is that? Because we are talking about P&A funds, it means funds invested in a completed film ready to go to the cinemas' screens. P&A it's a process of technical necessity by "printing" the digital packages (DCP) to be sent to theatres in order to project such a film to screens, and includes a process of Marketing-Advertising, by a strategical promotional activity implemented in order to bring audience to the theatres to watch the film. Investors are prioritized for recoup and capital gaining of a 25% in an average of 8 months (process of screening and box-office returns). Investing can be 1 investors only, or cumulative, by more than one investors. P&A (Print and Advertising) is the typical process where they funds will go, for processing the film going to screens. OPEN AN ACCOUNT FOR FREE WITH $0

  • Recoup is after around 8 months, from the the process of P&A starts.
  • 20% (+5%) will be liquidated together with the recoup.
  • Investments can be repeated, immediately (where available) into other film projects on going and showing in the investor's portal OPEN AN ACCOUNT FOR FREE WITH $0 in the portal

Development Investing is related to funds going to develop stages for production or distribution of films, of any type, of the film projects ongoing. Such funds access to a Fixed Capital Gaining of 1% per month, calculated every month. The funds must be deposited in the Holder's account through the portal of marctaloninvest.net The spending is exactly for developing projects toward next level. It's a fixed capital gaining, no matter the process how is it going. OPEN AN ACCOUNT FOR FREE WITH $0


  • Open an Account for free (never fees)
  • In the portal of the account you can deposit funds
  • Fixed gaining 1% every month into your account


  • This opportunity provides a great option to investors to be sure that their funds will be adequately and securily taking care of, to drive them to the aimed return.

    1GJV Media -
  • This investing strategy is based on CMMI, Capability Maturity Model Integration, th film product is driven toward a clear expected success for the money invested in.

    David -
  • I know Marco since 2003, and I was impressed by his capability to find appropriate solutions and his drive toward success, in Thailand for 5 years.

    Parita -


Marc Talon Investments TM and First Globalized Joint Ventures Inc. comply with The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada that is responsible for protecting the rights and interests of consumers of financial products and services.


Marc Talon Investments TM is a brand of Marco Taloni - Trading® registered in Canada since 1994 bus.# 139711220 and

First Globalized Joint Ventures Inc. since 2015 is mercantile corporation reg.#940402-3 Canada


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